Monday, September 17, 2012

Paper Throw!!!!

I think my fourth grade students had a BlaST doing this project.  Each student was given a lined piece of papr (but it doesn't have to be lined).  They were instructed to write a 6-digit number.  Then I told them to wad (I looked up the spelling, because it looks strange to me) the piece of paper.  On the count of three each student had to throw their paper across the room...rules were firmly and repeatedly enforced.  You would have thought that Kevin Durant had walked in our room...our classroom is in Oklahoma (Go Thunder!  Even though it's not that season)!  Anyha, they were then instructed to find a wad in the classroom that they thought wasn't theirs, open it and read the 6-digit number.  Unfortunately we had to discuss what a 6-digit number was because some students only wrote the number "6" at the tops of their papers.  Next, they were to write on this crumbled piece of paper their new 6-digit number in expanded form, wad it, throw it!  Find another wad, open it and check the expanded form.  If anything was wrong they were to fix it.  Finally, write this new number in word form, crumble it, throw it.  Find a new wad, check the word form.  If anything was wrong, they were to fix it.  Now, throughout this process, we would volunteer some papers that needed help and do those together.  NO NAmEs were placed on these papers.  I didn't want anyone feeling threatened by us lookin at their paper.

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